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Want to Help Get Books in the Hands of Needy Readers?

Whether you’re a blogger, publicist, author, or passionate-reader who understands that books can and so often do change lives, please consider helping with the #CompulsionForReading campaign! This began with one package of books that I sent out, but now others are getting involved. Authors are sharing their own books and books they love or have on their shelves. Bloggers are sharing books they’ve received for review. Publicists are sharing books they’ve received. In other words, we’re finding ways to get books into the hands of the teens who need them!

How does it work? Each month, I take nominations from readers, students, parents, teachers, librarians, and school administrators with the names and addresses of a classroom, school, library, homeless shelter, hospital–virtually anyone who needs books for teens–that’s working hard to encourage reading despite having limited funds to make that work. As an individual author, I can only handle one packet of five books per month, and there are always many, many more nominations for empty bookshelves that deserve to be filled.

If you’d like to help, all you need is five popular YA books–any YA books. If you’re an author, include one of yours, or if you have multiple books, send five of yours. Or send a mix of new books by authors you love and recent bestsellers. Anything will work!

  1. Take a photo of the five books you will be donating and post it on your social media as your donation. If you have bookmarks, swag, or anything else to encourage or reward readers, send that along as well.
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. At the end of the month, I’ll match your donation with a nomination and send you the nomination itself and the name/information for the person who made the nomination.
  4. You send out the books directly to the nominated classroom, school, or library. Media mail costs just a few dollars for five books, and you’ll feel great because you’ve done something to make a difference.

Have questions? Please contact me (use the contact form on this website), and together we can do even more to help fill empty bookshelves across the country.

Each nominated organization that is selected will receive five books, plus whatever bookmarks, swag, or fun things you want to send to help encourage kids to read. Of course, there’s nothing that encourages reading more than having actual books to pick up and take home.

If you’d like to donate more than five books, please complete  the form once for each five-book bundle.

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    * Note all promises for donation will be put into the month after the form information is received. If you submit the form in October, you will be matched with a November nomination, and you will receive an email notification early in December with the nomination information and where to send the books.

    ** If you're being kind enough to donate books, I would really love to feature and promote your generosity, so please include a photo of the package if you possibly can! : )