Magic of Winter: A Celtic Legends Novel

Perfect for the new year and beyond! Award-winning author Martina Boone takes us to a magical setting in the Scottish Highlands to spin a heartwarming standalone novel of love and loss, family and friendship, hope and renewal, small towns and big ambitions.

Cait Fletcher was always second-string in her father’s eyes, unable to compete with her perfect older brother. Her father’s view of Cait only deteriorated further when she fell for the local “bad boy” at the age of nine, and her belief in Brice MacLaren never once wavered until the day he betrayed her a few months before their wedding. With their tiny glen too full of opinionated neighbors, wandering sheep, ancient grudges, and countless old traditions to let Cait escape either her past or her mistakes, she moved away–until her father’s unexpected illness gave her no choice but to return.

Home again, Cait still loves the village of Balwhither as much as she hates it, and she despises the fact that avoiding Brice in the tiny village proves impossible. But when she discovers that her father has given up not only on the family-run Library and Tea Room but also on treatment for his cancer, she must put her own emotions and hurts aside. Brice claims he’s changed, and he’s certainly been good to her father since she left. Now can they work together as she follows the example of countless unsung heroes–the women of the Highlands–and fights to save the family business and give her father something meaningful to live for?

A warm, timeless story of love, redemption, and magical traditions that will charm new readers and fans of the Celtic Legends Collection alike. Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, Susanna Kearsley, Susan Wiggs, Sarah Addison Allen, Lauren K. Denton, or Kathryn Hughes.

I absolutely loved this story of love, uncertainty, and family. History is what is lived and this story is full of living. I couldn’t wait to get back to reading it. Martina Boone is an awesome writer.

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ISBN 978-1-946773-07-4 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-946773-06-7 (trade paperback)
ISBN 978-1-946773-04-3 (eBook)

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