Welcome Home: Historic Romance of the Celtic Legends

From the outlaw hero Rob Roy MacGregor to the tragedy of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s last Jacobite Rising, the courage of Flora MacDonald, and the swashbuckling story of Morty Óg O’Sullivan, WELCOME HOME is a tapestry of the great rivalries between the Highland clans and the conflicts between England and the Celtic nations.

Along the way, there are little known incidents that bring the personalities of Henry VIII, Bloody Mary, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, and other historical figures roaring to the page, together with legends, music, and recipes that will immerse readers in the romance of Scotland, Ireland, and Cornwall.

Read it through from cover to cover or jump around via the table of contents. WELCOME HOME will make you reexamine the facts you thought you knew and the characters in your favorite historical novels.

Perfect for readers who love Martina Boone’s Celtic Legends Collection, Nora Roberts’ romances from Scotland and Ireland, Diana Gabaldon’s OUTLANDER series, Susannah Kearsley’s modern gothic novels with a touch of history, or medieval or regency historical romances featuring men in kilts.

I’ve read hundreds of books on history and some of those authors could have used Martina Boone’s help. Hopefully, she’ll start of some of the ‘I hate history’ set to read again.

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