Heart of Legend


Heart of Legend: A Celtic Legends Novel

Filming the Welsh version of Braveheart in beautiful North Wales sets the backdrop for desire and danger with a magical touch of legend. An evocative, heartwarming, and suspenseful new love story from the award-winning author of Compulsion and Lake of Destiny.

Kath Cameron escaped a horrible mistake by running away to Hollywood, hoping to become someone else. Then her acting career plunged off a cliff after a divorce from her mega-star ex-husband. She has one last shot at a reboot when casting for the lead in the Welsh version of Braveheart reopens weeks into production. On location in Wales, she finds herself working around the clock with the film’s director. But Dai Rhys has a knack for seeing past a lifetime of armor plating Kath has built for herself, pushing her both personally and professionally to face her greatest fears.

Dai Rhys left the British army and took up acting as part of his PTSD treatment. After a decade as a Hollywood star, he has paid his dues. Directing The Last Prince is his dream project, but he’s had to replace one star already and can’t risk more complications by getting involved with Kath. Now if only his heart would listen to that advice. He has always had a protective streak two miles wide, and Kath’s slow smile and vulnerability make him ache to show her how good she can be.

They’re both fighting to rebuild their lives, but with more than the film and their reputations at risk, taking a chance on each other places Kath in danger neither of them expected.


A timeless stand-alone romance in the Celtic Legends collection, filled with heart, intrigue, and magical Welsh legends. Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, Kristin Hanna, Susanna Kearsley, Sarah Addison Allen, Susan Wiggs, and Susan Mallery.

This is a wonderful book. Great characters, conflict, mystery, history and maybe best of all a chef who wears a kilt!

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