Free Swag and Skype Visits

I adore book clubs! And I love sharing my books with groups of readers. Here are a few things you may not know . . .

  1. I’m happy to send Compulsion bookmarks, temporary tattoos, and ‘I have a compulsion for reading’ bumper stickers if you’re ordering at least five books for a bookclub meeting. Just email a copy of the receipt(s) with “Compulsion Swag for Book Club” in the subject line. Send it to CompulsionForReading [at] Gmail dot com.
  2. Time allowed, I love doing Skype visits for classrooms and book clubs! Mention that you’re interested when you put in your swag request!
  3. There’s both a book club guide and a learning guide for Compulsion. They talk about the history and other elements of Compulsion in various degrees of detail, depending on how much you want to dig in.
  4. whoopie_pie_cakeThere are lots more recipes related to things in Compulsion than we were able to put in the guides. One of my favorites is a quick whoopie-pie cake based on an online recipe I found. Since I’m usually rushing around like crazy, I use a box mix for the cake, and I substitute chopped peanut butter cups or Reeces Pieces in place of sprinkles to add that peanut butter flavor that Seven Beaufort loves. You can use any chopped candy you like. Peppermint candy canes and a nice crunch for the holidays, but you can chop Heath bars, peppermint patties, etc. And to show you that it doesn’t have to be as perfect and professional as the recipe in the link, here’s what it looks like when you have six minutes to assemble the cake from the time you take it off the cooling rack.

Want more recipes?

The lovely Jaime Arnold, one of my street team members, started a Pinterest board for Watson Island recipes. You’ll find just about anything mentioned in the book in there. Here are a few sample recipes mentioned in the book.

Happy reading, y’all!