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Compulsion is a romance, but it’s also both a fantasy adventure and a mystery. Barrie stumbles across secrets and puzzles from the moment that she sets foot on Watson Island–and with her gift for finding lost things, she is compelled to find the answers–and readers discover things right along with her throughout the story. But secrets have a way of wanting to stay hidden.

To learn the truth about Watson Island, the gift that runs in her family, and about the relatives she’s meeting for the first time, Barrie needs every ounce of confidence that she can scrape together. Mark always told her that a great set of heels do wonders for that.

Want a daily reminder about what great shoes are really good for? A kick in the pants to get you thinking about your goals? (Click the photo to get the full-size image, and then right click to download the free wallpaper for your computer!)


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