Resources for Readers


Looking for more information? I post links to things I like both on my Tumblr and Pinterest, but honestly, those sites are mainly hodgepodges of visuals that feed my imagination while I’m writing or things that feed my inner fangirl. (Yes, I completely geek out about books and my favorite writers!)  If you love fandom things, I’m also the founding member of, where we post interviews, insider secrets, and quotes from the best in young adult series fiction.

I am also one of the founding members of, where we do a TON of giveaways of great YA books every week. In addition to information for readers, I’ve also written a lot of posts exploring writing craft on my journey to publication there over the years. My amazing blog partners and I are also fortunate to have a lot of authors stop by each week to provide mini-interviews and giveaways, discuss their books, provide insight on how they got published, and share tips on what helped them bring their writing to publishable levels.

Stop by the blog to find:

Mondays: A list of of ALL the YA novels hitting stores in the coming week, each shown with its cover, full jacket description, and buy and Goodreads links to make it easy to keep your TBR list updated. A LOT of the authors and/or publishers also stop  by to share what they love most about the book. And did I mention giveaways? There’s at least one each week, but some weeks we can get five, six, twelve or even more giveaways of the great new books, and many of them are signed or personalized by the authors.

Tuesdays: More giveaways, plus thoughts on writing and great books, how news, shout outs to other writers, and other things..

Wednesdays: Good news and guest posts from authors about the tips that helped them make the jump from writer to author, what they learned along their journey to publication, and how they survived the trip.

Thursdays: Information about Adventures In YA Publishing contests and more other publishing opportunities.

Fridays: All things writing craft, with great guest posts on the subject from new and established authors. Find out about the writing process, getting published, or writing structure. The posts are always inspirational as well as factual, so whether you’re writing fan fiction or hoping to make writing a career, there’s something there for you.

Saturdays: Interviews with debut and bestselling authors–and everyone in between–about their upcoming books.

Additional Information: I mentor and organize the month-long First Five Pages workshops that start the first Saturday of every month. Open to YA and MG submissions, we will take the first 1250 words of five manuscripts, and I’ll work alongside Lisa Gail Green and our other permanent author mentors plus a special guest mentor, a published author, to help improve the pages through the initial entry and two subsequent revisions.