Echo of Glory: A Celtic Legends Novel

Where Bantry Bay in Ireland meets the wild Atlantic, three lost souls stumble together united by their inability to forgive themselves. A magical, heart-pounding tapestry of romance, history, legend, and the struggle for equality that resonated as deeply centuries ago as it does today. Perfect for fans of Susanna Kearsley, Nora Roberts, Maeve Binchy, Mary Stuart, and Susan Wiggs.

After a disastrous relationship with her boss, Meg Cameron leaves her job with two bad options. Stay silent? Or speak up and ruin her career? A trip to an archeological dig gives her time to reflect on historical imbalances of power, but history refuses to stay quietly in the bloody past of Ireland’s beautiful Beara Peninsula and the O’Sullivan massacre.

Niall Sullivan has spent years chasing the truth of what happened to his family in 1602. He never expected to have to bring his newly orphaned nephew, Adam, with him to excavate on Dursey Island, though, without internet or television or even reliable cell phone coverage. Still, time alone together in the abandoned village could be exactly what the two of them need to forge themselves as a family. Until Meg Cameron comes along.

Meg and her developing relationship with Niall brings out both the best and the worst in Adam. And as danger comes from unexpected sources, they all have choices to make. Life and death choices none of them expected.

I read Echo of Glory in one sitting . . . I was so lost in the book I hadn’t even realised it had gotten dark an hour earlier. I love every one of Martina Boone’s books but I think this is the best one yet. So much history and lore with a lovely romance also all in one book!

Elizabeth Nyreen


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Available April 30, 2018 in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.

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ISBN 978-1-946773-18-0 (trade paperback)
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