Bell of Eternity


Bell of Eternity: A Celtic Legends Novel

For fans of Poldark and Nora Roberts, love beyond time, an island castle in Cornwall, a cast of delightful characters, dangerous secrets, and a handsome kilt-wearing chef make the perfect recipe for romance from the award-winning author of Compulsion and Lake of Destiny.

Emma Larsen put her life on hold after the accident that left her famous mother paralyzed and cost a man his life. For four long years, Treave Nancarrow, the deceased man’s son, has often been her only friend to lean on. But when he proposes marriage after her mother’s funeral, Emma can’t help being dismayed. She’s already trying to decide between transforming her home cooking hobby into a profession or going back to college. She can’t afford to jump from one commitment to another before she’s had a chance to find out what she really wants. Still, when Treave begs her to accompany him to a wedding at his family’s castle in Cornwall so he can show her how compatible they would be, how can she refuse?

She falls in love with the romantic Cornish coast, a world rich with legends, hauntings, and ancient superstitions like the one about the ghostly bell that tolls only when a pair of lovers are destined to be together forever. When a tragedy rocks the small community and everyone pitches in to help, though, Treave seems like a different person—one Emma starts to fear.

And then there’s Brando MacLaren, the handsome, kilt-wearing Scotsman who shows her the possibility of a love she never dared believe in and makes her feel adventurous and alive. But Brando has his own healing to do. He also has a secret, one he’s keeping from Emma. Can she afford to trust him with her heart? Can she trust either one of the men? An ancient Cornish legend might help guide her choice between them—if she can find the courage to trust her instincts and believe in herself.

Well-developed characters with lots of foibles and a romance that had its share of ups and downs . . .  I definitely recommend “Lake of Destiny” as an enjoyable clean romance with enough surprises to keep you engaged so grab it.

Goodreads Reviewer Jolyn


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Bell of Eternity

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ISBN 978-1-946773-05-0 (hardcover)
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